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25 Years Experience



As the ProEnd BigBag ® Company ,we have been exporting industrial sacks as : Bigbag, Big Bag, BigBags products manufactured by FIBC manufacturers. Our products are Bulk Bag, container bags, industrial type sack, Jumbo Bag, pp bigbag sack etc. We have been operating on bigbag sector and packaging sectors since 1996. From the beginning, permanently, through our company principles continuity, We are proud of exporting to 14 countries Worldwide, and a lot of customers in our country.

Proend Company is the establishment of our corporation has been completed, in terms of marketing (domestic - foreign), planning, purchasing, production and delivery departments;all of them working effectively and coordinated . To specify some of the features about our company and bigbags; Company principles: We always keep in mind that the customer is always right custumer is a valuable asset, customer must meet expectations. Each product sent to a client in an honest manner, and each in itself a product produced in a specific job.

Standard BigBag - Proend

Standart BigBag

Standard Bulk Bags are popularly known and various size bags in all requests.

Ad Star | Blockbottom- Proend

Ad Star | Blockbottom

AD*STAR® is the renowned block bottom sack made without adhesives from coated polypropylene fabric

Quatro : Q-Bag- Proend

Quatro : Q-Bag

Q-Bags (Baffle Bags) are constructed with corner panels to keep their square form.

One Loop Bag- Proend

One Loop Bag

This baffle bag eliminates slumping and round-out of the bag for convenient loading

Small Sack- Proend

Small Sack

Small Sack for foods, grains, flour, sand, cement, sugar, agriculture, animal feeding etc.

Cross Corner Bags- Proend

Cross Corner Bags

Cross Corner Big bags are more economical than standard 4 lifting loops.